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So, Animation Night did not happen on Sunday because work got a bit intense. A tragedy, like unto getting stabbed to death in a gladiatorial arena. But worry not, for it survives, limping on, to the familiar Thursday timeslot…

Tonight the plan is very simple! We’re going to be watching the feature-length claymation film Vordum: The Price of Death, by animator duo Alexey Akhmetov and Ivan Akhmetov who together comprise ‘Susco Volkov’. The whole movie is on Youtube…

…and indeed has been for the last five years, but for some reason it’s recently been popping up in peoples’ suggestions, enthralling everyone who sees it with its intriguing and violent story. Here’s the official blurb.

A group of strangers in a mysterious arena fight for their lives against cunning and unpredictable foes in order for each to achieve their desires in a test of Truth and Will in a callous and bloody challenge set by the Gods.

I’d love to tell you more than that but if there is online info about the making of this film, I haven’t been able to track it down in the limited time. But the premise puts me in mind of Barry Purves’s Achilles short. I have heard it compared to the game Fear and Hunger as well, which is very juicy.

So… let’s check it out together this evening! Animation Night 177 will be at 10pm UK time, at the usual place, twitch.tv/canmom! Hope to see you theeeeeere!

(n.b. - the regular Animation Night will also run on Sunday, this is just the postponed one from last week.)

(Apologies that I couldn’t do the normal long writeup this week. This is almost as brief as Animation Night 37. I will write more about this film next week once we’ve seen it.)


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