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At 7pm UK time (about four hours from this post), we’re going to be watching Genius Party and Genius Party Beyond - two collections of anime short films by a variety of directors [associated with Studio 4°C] from 2007 and 2008 respectively.

I have never seen these collections, but here are some gorgeous gifs that other people have posted which make me think we’re in for a treat!

Clip from 'Dimension Bomb'. A childlike figure staggers towards the camera through streaks of light.
Gif source: @doujinshi
Clip from
Gif source: @doujinshi
Clip from the intro to 'Genius Party' featuring a strange bird puppet.
Gif source: @pickypicnic

We’re also going to watch the much shorter collection Ani*Kuri 15, which is 15 minute-long shorts!

Gif source: @tsutsumin

What’s going on in these gifs? Come find out at 7pm UTC, twitch.tv/canmom

(Circumstances are obviously dire at the moment, but I’m going to continue holding these animation nights in the hope that they can provide a bit of an escape and break through our isolation a little bit. Feel free to come by even if you haven’t seen any before! For the list of films we’ve seen and provisional future plans, check the planning spreadsheet.)


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