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transfeminine Tedd is outright canon by this point so maybe I should stop commenting on it but still. oh tedd :(

i’m kind of surprised tedd’s won me back over so quickly but it is so easy to read tedd’s crass attempts to perform masculinity as desperately papering-over transness, and that makes them, if still rather creepy at the time, at least understandable. god i hope tedd manages to find a safer, more supporting environment where they can come out without instant judgment from their peers and father.

apparently the Uryuomoco language can be instantly learned when an Uryuom rubs their antenna against a human’s forehead. and other languages too. that seems… naive.

something dramatic seems to be about to happen but

i’m sorry i read more about the pulse shooting and i’m feeling too messed up to continue this readthrough now.

we’re at page 430 out of about 2000 now, so we’ve read about a fifth of the comic.


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