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Now for a Winnie the Pooh interlude!

A drawing grizzled Piglet smoking in a bar, shotgun next to him, saying '...Piglet, huh.' (Drawn by Tumblr user Iguanamouth)

(source: Iguanamouth)

So yeah, we have two Torn Pages, so we can get two blocks of Pooh plot.

Piglet is not very big.

Piglet facing Sora, but only coming up to his knee.

This leads to an incredibly fiddly minigame where Pooh gathers honey and you jump from branch to branch to protect him from bees. Only it’s more like a game of jumping right over branches and falling to the bottom of the tree because this game’s platforming sucks.

After a few tries, I managed to get into a spot where I could spawn camp the final bees and got a perfect run.

Pooh leaning into a vast pool of honey, saying 'It is rather funny what I will do for honey'.

Sadly, this led to no further rewards except this shitty rhyme.

Next stop is Rabbit’s house, identifiable by its vegetable garden - as you know, the rabbit’s capacity for small-scale agriculture is renowned.

Pooh’s here to hit up his dealer. Rabbit wants nothing to do with him, and especially not to share honey.

Pooh sitting on a table eating honey, saying 'I'm so glad to have found both Rabbit and some honey.'

Pooh is utterly remorseless. Naturally, he soon gets stuck in the hole. Then Tigger shows up and wrecks Rabbit’s bridge, then expropriates Rabbit’s farm as a bouncing ground, threatening the harvest. It really isn’t Rabbit’s day.

Saving Rabbit’s harvest is another frustratingly fiddly minigame. And then Pooh wrecks even more of Rabbit’s farm.

(This is clearly a parable about agricultural policy in the Soviet Union.)

Next up: whatever the next planet is.


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