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It’s time for More Pooh. This time: Christopher Robin, I suspect.

Or not. No, this time our new character is Eeyore. Eeyore asks Pooh and Piglet to pull him out of a stream, and they just… ignore the request. Wow, no wonder the guy is depressed.

OK, to be fair, they have no idea what to do, and it’s Sora’s swimming skills that save the day. How did these animals cope without him?

Our first task here is to escort Pooh to the swings. This is awkward because he will only follow you when you target him, so you can’t look where you’re going. And he will occasionally get distracted by pots of honey someone left lying around.

The actual minigame is just a QTE thing. You hurl Pooh through the air to search for Eeyore’s tail. It’s discovered when Pooh lands on the stand where Rabbit is cooking food, which raises the troubling implication that Rabbit was cooking Eeyore’s take. In any case, Eeyore’s tail is restored, he seems to be feeling a little better (<3), and my enemy-paralysing spell is upgraded. Onwards! (I quickly visit the Fairy Godmother and gain the ability to summon Bambi. Best not summon Simba and Bambi at the same time…)

Next stop: dropping in on Squall, Yuffie and Aerith to see if they have anything to say about those research notes I’ve been finding. …they don’t. OK. On investigation, the pages of Ansem’s report turn up in the Journal screen.

One of the pages of Ansem’s report mentions the origin of Gummi, which fell on his world in meteors. It is ‘elastic to the touch’, and ‘when two pieces are combined, they bond easily’. Probably is the same stuff as gummi bears, huh.

So I set off for the next planet. But while I’m en route, who should intercept me but… Captain Hook! Somehow this takes me from facing Captain Hook’s ship in space to being aboard Hook’s ship in Neverland. (edit: in retrospect, Hook’s ship takes us prisoner, and flies back to Neverland.)

Riku facing the camera with an evil expression, only half of his face in frame. He says 'The Heartless obey me now, Sora. Now I have nothing to fear.'

Hey it’s this guy!

Kairi sitting at the bottom of the frame with a dull expression. Riku is saying 'That's right. While you were off goofing around, I finally found her.'

So’s Kairi! She’s looking rather the worse for wear though, because god forbid we have a lasting female protagonist.

Anyway, we get Peter Pan as our local party member, and Wendy is of course the designated Damsel in Distress.

Riku has started making shadow clones of Sora, which is somewhat alarming. But they’re not too tough.

Peter Pan and Tinkerbell pretend to give us flight powers but actually don’t mostly becase Donald Duck was a jerk. Meanwhile, we learn Wendy is not one of the seven special princesses.

In Hook’s cabin, we get a boss fight against Shadow Sora. It’s pretty tough because Shadow Sora keeps disappearing into the floor and reappearing somewhere else, but not that tough. In any case, Riku runs off with the unconscious (heart-devoured, apparently) Kairi.

At this point, you can’t progress until you find a barely-visible trapdoor and let Peter abscond with Wendy. And then… Hook!

Sora and Goofy face Captain Hook on the deck of a pirate ship. Hook is backed by pirate Heartless. Hook says 'To the ruins of Hollow Bastion, where Maleficent resides.'

Hook reveals the name of what’s presumably the final zone. I assumed this would be a boss fight against Hook, but instead first Sora learns to fly! Presumably this power will only apply in Neverland.

Indeed so, but all the same, the flying mechanic is decent (basically the same as the swimming mechanic) and it feels really nice to swoop around.

Curiously, the word ‘codfish’ seems to be a deathly insult in Neverland.

In any case, Hook is a fun but fairly easy boss fight. Afterwards, we go to London for some reason. (In-game, they just say ‘the clock tower’, but it’s blatantly Big Ben and the skyline is London.)

Peter Pan, Sora and Donald Duck fly towards the Big Ben clocktower, where Wendy is sitting.

This leaves me somewhat unsure what to do, but when in doubt, I guess I’ll fly back to Traverse Town.


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