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Hold on a minute, Goofy is a dog.

Pluto is also a dog.

I realise this question is not new but it seems particularly stark when you’re reading a letter about Goofy the bold knight over the top of a sleeping Pluto

What’s up with Mickey just leaving to go on a kingly quest without like, telling his various vassals in person? also like. who’s going to run the kingdom? has Mickey appointed a regent to rule in his stead? Queen Minnie perhaps?

Mickey, it seems, is the ruler of multiple worlds, and the castle may be a kind of ‘hub’. I really want to know… how did these other worlds become part of Mickey’s intergalactic empire?

Mickey’s castle appears to have been built on a tiny spherical planet. I really don’t understand how a game with wacky chipmonk aerospace engineers can be so self-serious.

Sora does appear to have at least one mum, despite my previous inference. He’s in a pretty comfy looking room, so maybe it’s not an island of only children as I thought?

It turns out this island is accessed by those rowing boats, it’s not the home of these children. I totally mis-parsed that.

Speaking of mis-parsing, I’m not at all sure what happens next. The Peaceful Idyll is shattered as required by genre, Riku announces he’s not afraid of the darkness and we both get swallowed by dark portals, and Kaori becomes intangible? And there’s black imps everywhere? And I suddenly got a large key called Keyblade which, despite its lack of like, an actual blade, seems to be a pretty powerful sword?

After I go through a door, the first boss Knockoff Cthulhu comes back, with some new attacks this time.

We learn that the ‘stars’ that are going out correspond to worlds being swallowed by Knockoff Cthulhu’s big dark orb I guess?

Anyway Sora ended up in the same vaguely-medieval-European town as Donald and Goofy, so I hopefully we’ll unite these subplots soon.

Sora in a shop with a flagstone floor, with three tiny anthropomorphic ducks in shot - Huey, Dewey and Louie, the grandnephews of Scrooge McDuck and nephews of Donald Duck. They are dressed in shirts and hats coloured in red, green and blue.

For someone who until now knew only humans, Sora is surprisingly unperturbed by a shop run by small ducks.

The currency in this hub town is ‘Munny’ which I find kind of cute and porpentiney. It seems to be quite a wealthy town. Oh yeah also I saw a guy’s heart fly out and turn into one of those dark monster things. That confuses me because I thought the whole deal with the enemies in thse games is that they’re the “heartless” and don’t have hearts.

So now the imps are invading this town, and Donald and Goofy keep missing me in various buildings as I smash my way through the town. But I’m too tired to continue right now. I still don’t really understand this game but, despite the camera, it’s at least intriguing and fairly fun to mash buttons in.


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