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So there’s actually another bonus boss apart from Sephiroth. The Ice Titan is the ‘Gold Match’ while Sephiroth is the ‘Platinum Match’.

It’s a unique fight - the only reasonable way to damage the boss is to deflect its ice darts, which requires standing still, while constantly moving to avoid its five other kinds of ice attack. It was a very long fight so I abused save states again (slippery slope!) though not so badly as I did with old Kurt.

A large spiky ice skeleton with glowy lights on it.

It’s dying here but it kind of looks like it’s doing a cool dance.

Now for this guy!

A close-up of Sephiroth, the villain of Final Fantasy 7. He has one angel wing, pale skin, and long white hair with two oddly angled locks hanging in front of his face.

I don’t actually know what the deal is with Sephiroth. I know he’s the main baddie in FF7, that he kills Aerith at some point (spoiler!), that he is (famously) a one winged angel (or if you prefer, angle), and that he was in the second of those two final fantasy movies and fought Cloud. Beyond that? Idk. But the internet used to really like him so, he’s that guy.

The One Winged Angel soundtrack lives up to its epic reputation, making “small boy with large feet doing forward rolls and occasionally swinging a large key at a man in a trenchcoat but no shirt” feel like a battle for the fate of the world or whatever.

It seemed like battle of doing the same thing over and over again as you grind through Sephiroth’s very long healthbar, while the guy can kill you in three hits. I’m not ashamed of savestate abuse here. But I did get tired of it and checked the wiki. Using Sora’s special combo moves was mentioned, and I realised that would make it more interesting, so I restarted the fight.

I got through Sephiroth’s first phase, but the second proved harder. The wiki suggests using abilities I don’t have yet, so I guess it’s back on the plot train. (And this game continues to be longer than I thought, repeatedly).

So! Goodbye to the Coluseum, onwards to… uh… well I guess there was that horrible boss in Neverland?

Oh wait a minute.

A planet on the planet selection screen, with 'Battle LV' followed by 10 pink stars.

That’s an awful lot of stars.

After blowing up a lot of Heartless ships, I reach…

A purple misty sphere labelled 'End of the World'.

huh. Well that’s alarming.

Our heroes observe all the worlds consumed by the Heartless have been turned into small boxes on rocks.

Sora and Goofy standing in a vast purple void with an invisible floor. Floating rocks with items on can be seen in the distance, and behind them, a large glowing purple spiral.

Which we loot, of course.

Occasionally the Heartless pull me into some kind of pocket dimension. I get my first non-arena encounter with Invisibles, big floaty Heartless with swords. Another one has another Large Friend.

I read a page of Ansem’s notes. Apparently he created at least some kinds of Heartless. This is presumably the distinction between ‘Pureblood’ and ‘Emblem’ Heartless mentioned on the wiki.

Sora, Donald and Goofy in a ravine lined with colourful crystals.

We end up in a crystal cave. Looking forward to fighting Seeth the Scaleless.

At the bottom is a white vortex with a save point by it. Smells like a boss fight.

Sora and Goofy facing an icy hole with a white vortex.

Let’s see who it is in the next post.


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