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So I started gathering crafting materials but after a while fruitlessly spent trying to feed enough corpses to Bambi in the time limit to get to the third level of the meter (with a 30% chance of the item I need), I gave up. Ultima Weapon will not be for me. I probably don’t need it anyway.

I will do the Big Ben boss though. And also the remaining Pooh.

Pooh saying to Sora 'This tree doesn't have honey, I see'.

Pooh is continuing to do a sterling job of performing his one character trait. Meanwhile, Tigger has some clunky minigames.

The remaining blank page is found in the Dalmatians’ house, as a reward for finding >50 of their children. This leads to a puzzle to reunite Pooh’s friends, who have simultaneously and independently gotten lost.

Sora and the characters of Winnie the Pooh on a small cliff looking out at a starry sky.

Goodbye to Pooh… but wait. I hear there’s a keyhole to be found in the 0.4km^2 wood? Ah, it’s on the cover clasp.

The cover of the book Winnie the Pooh, but with Sora taking the place of Christopher Robin in the original illustration, walking down a path with Pooh, Piglet and Tigger.

So… Sora has just completely replaced Christopher Robin, and nobody remembers the original boy? And Roo was there, but what about Kanga? This is a sinister ending.

Anyway, back to Sephi-boy.

Huge magic circles in the sky, decorated with fleur-de-lys-like motifs.

Just… tone it down a little, Sephiroth? This is taking it a bit far, don’t you think?

Anyway through a lot of savestate abuse, I cheated my way to the third phase of Sephiroth. He just said “I am the chosen one!” and started glowing blue. And then things get wild.

Sora ducking as an enormous meteor lands nearby.

Nearly everything is suddenly exploding or a giant rock and Sephiboy becomes invincible. This turns into a mode that’s sort of a bullet hell situation. Thank goodness for savestates, I would not want to have to go all the way through the rest of that every time I want to try the third phase.

Anyway, I cheated my way to victory.

Sephiroth staggering, in the colosseum arena.

Sephiroth explodes or something while T-posing. Or possibly Vitruvian Man. It’s probably symbolic of something.

Sephiroth spreadeagled with a huge white light bursting out of his chest.

As with the previous arena bonus boss, there are no actual rewards for suffering through Sephiroth except a vast dollop of xp. Apparently in one of the later edited versions of the game such as 1.5 Remix, beating Sephiroth gives you a conversation where he tries to corrupt Cloud ot the Dark Side but Cloud won’t do it.

That’s Sephiroth. One boss remains.


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