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so I have use of the ‘gummi spaceship’ now. and some new exploration options. cool. if you go back to the item shop, Donald’s nephews will respond to him. that’s cute.

flying the Gummi Ship amounts to an on-rails flight sim with an incredibly unintuitive sense of where your spaceship actually is and what you’re shooting at. but eventually I get to Wonderland, of “Alice In” fame…

this world turns out to have a gimmick where items of furniture can turn into 2D textures. and, naturally, you drink a potion to become small, and get involved in a courtroom drama. A courtroom drama that can be solved but really clunky platforming and giving drinks to some very thirsty little flowers which I have to water in a very specific way (¬¬).

(Also somehow I put ‘footprints’ and ‘claw marks’ in little pink boxes and carry them around?)

A courtroom presided over by a large woman dressed in red and black, with a grid of hearts and anthropomorphic-playing-card guards. Sora stands opposite on a stand.

Sadly Sora is not read up on the law of the Kingdom of Hearts, and we end up having to stage an armed insurrection. It’s not clear what diplomatic consequences this will have - are the Kingdoms of Hearts and Mickey Mouse now at war?

Apparently not, because the Queen orders us to find Alice when she disappears before her execution, and my party decides to obey her capricious whim for some reason.

Soon, it’s time for a boss!

A tall, gangly figure in red and black, with long zigzag arms and bifurcated legs.

The bosses in this game have some sweet designs. I’m not actually sure how the mechanics of this boss worked - it seems to have vulnerable and invulnerable phases, but whether they’re triggered by something I did or or just time, I don’t know.


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