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The next thing that happens is that I get swallowed by a space whale.

The white and purple spaceship flies towards an enormous whale, against a prismatic background in a variety of colours.

This experience triggers a memory of looking up vore on the internet investing a suspected monster on the island with Riku, and finding The Door.

Anyway Pinnochio has also been devoured, along with his creator.

Riku saying 'Or are you too cool to play them now that you have the Keyblade?'

So’s this guy!

We have to chase him. The insides of a whale can certainly be described as a maze of twisty little passages, all alike. It’s more or less linear, but it’s easy to fall off and have to backtrack, and I kept mixing up the exit I came out of and the exit I’m going to, so it still took me a while.

Eventually, after some heated words with Riku, we discover Pinnochio has been grabbed by some kind of deep sea Heartless that to me comes across kind of like a pokémon. Boss fight!

A strange purple blob Heartless with blue tentacles, with a mouth on its lower segment resembling the bars of a prison. Pinnochio is trapped inside.

What is that thing? Not entirely sure but it’s dead now. Pinnochio gets dropped in some kind of sphinchter and then idnapped by Riku. Is Pinnochio one of the Princesses? That would be great.

But no, apparently he’s going to do a heart transplant for Kaori. Guess she’s Heartless now? That’s bad.

I climb up a meat tower with meat and bone platforms running up the side. Let’s just… not think too hard about this whale’s anatomy.

There’s a funny moment when Pinnochio says he won’t make it, and his nose grows, revealing he’s all right. Which means it grows for even unintentional falsehoods? That has so many epistemological implications! e.g. Pinnochio, say “the Riemann Hypothesis is true”.

Anyway back to the anime boys. They’re about to fight each other when that boss there comes back. Its harder this time. But I find the rhythm eventually.

Cut to Riku and Maleficent! Maleficent has blatantly been the one who made Kairi’s heart get taken. Riku is very gullible.

Maleficent speaking to Riku on a ship, with Kairi lying on a couch in the background.

So she wants Riku to help her gather seven ‘maidens of purest heart’ (gender!) to do… that thing in the screenshot. And she gives him the power to control the Heartless.

Anyway then the whale pukes us up. Pinnochio and his dad are left behind. They’ll be fine?


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