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So the next comic I’m going to look at is Unicorn Jelly.

This is a very early webcomic - starting in 2002 - by trans woman Jennifer Diane Reitz of COGIATI infamy. This was very much before my time as an out trans woman, and I’ve mercifully been spared the Early Trans Internet. As I understood things, it was a time of extreme transmedicalism and gatekeeping each other as hard as the doctors do. Many, many trans women will shudder at mention of the COGIATI, which as I understand it is basically a really bullshit ‘are you a stereotypical 1950s housewife’ ‘are you trans’ test.

Nevertheless, there were things to like about UJ.

Back when I first tried to read Unicorn Jelly (shortly after my first Homestuck reread, lol), I had an interesting conversation about it with @apophenic-ocelles​:

So that should give you an idea what we’re in for. Rereading that convo, I’m pretty excited actually!


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