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So it looks like Chou and Lupiko are attempting to restore Uni to unicorn jelly status by searching out the original place where Uni got pissed on.

Lupiko has made a double-broomstick ladder-sledge thing.

“Explanation”: there was no Holy Unicorn but a halucinogenic flower. Hmm…

I have no idea why JDR is doing a ‘magic vs science’ thing here. Like… ‘magick’ is clearly a thing in this world. A ‘freak chemical accident’ that turns a slime into a Unicorn Jelly is functionally indistinguishable from magic anyway, and surely deserves further study because seriously what the heck that’s some chemistry there!

They go to stay with the Jellies, with promises not to go on a mass murder spree. It’s played for laughs but poor Jellies.

OK so our sex worker Jelly is a Conical Jelly who are widely disliked. Given portrayal and use of ‘he’ pronouns in conjunction with the bow, I’m thinking KayWai is like the Jelly equivalent of a trans woman?

We get a new threat: the ‘Impalists’, a genocidal human cult. And a ‘powers of 10′ map of the Unicorn Jelly universe, taking after those various physics videos that show the universe on various scales in the style of a famous science video from 1977. (Since that video was produced we have established that protons and neutrons are made of smaller particles called ‘quarks’ interacting through the highly fucked up rules of quantum chromodynamics.)

So now we firmly establish the weird cosmology: everything we’ve seen so far takes place on an enormous triangular ‘worldplate’. The universe is packed full of similar worldplates. There is a sea at the centre of the worldplate, and desert around the edges. It doesn’t seem particularly huge.

The worldplates appear to be arranged in a regular lattice containing vast triangular voids. And this lattice of worldplates forms an enormous tetrahedron called the Universe of Tryslmaistan, bordered by the Universes of Pastel and Kruum-Aluoor in the ‘Multiversal Manifold’. Further away there is a sphereland, flatland, lineland and the Prime Material Plane that’s more familiar to DnD players.

OK so being a unicorn jelly and being a conical jelly are basically different facets of the trans metaphor I guess?

Because of the worldplates, the ‘stars’ in the night sky are triangular. The sun and moon are a ‘night orb’ Velu and ‘day orb’ Ashun. Approval of orbs.

Lupiko’s literally just a Wiccan. Is/was JDR also Wiccan as far as anyone knows?

The Impalists are increasingly causing trouble, anyway… major arc incoming I guess. We see them briefly in an AU strip… OK, Bryn, this vastly predates the release of Minions! Vastly predates!

Uni discovering the unicorn power was in them all along gets a cool 3D rotation gif. Uni can now move incredibly fast I guess? This unicorn charge thing is not seeming like a ‘once per campaign’ power ha. So we get a Culture Mind style slo-mo sequence.

(I get the impression JDR would like the Culture…)

Anyway by not murdering everyone, Uni stops the fanatics from fanaticising. Nice?

The fanatics had barely been established so the crisis of faith kind of falls a bit hollow, honestly.

While there doesn’t appear to be a chapter break, the next strip introduces two completely new characters, so I’ll do another post.


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