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@alchymistryandcoldsteel had an interesting discussion with me about where we’re at. I’ll quote the key part.

So. That’s cryptic. Thanks Wren :p

The final part of Episode 2 is the ‘????’ scene - the tea party of the unhuman.

Beatrice asks Bernkastel if she enjoyed the game. Bernkastel says it was so one-sided that it was boring.

Beatrice suggests Bernkastel is the last person who should be saying there’s no way to win. Bernkastel plays ignorant. Beatrice accuses her of interfering.

Bernie and Beatrice face each other. Beatrice says “You thought you were hiding it? How insolent, to travel all that way, and come into territory that isn’t yours, just to bet against me. You camehere planning to watch my game from the sidelines, while having a large stake placed in my defeat. I’ve guessed right, haven’t I…?”

Bernkastel decides to just be like ‘yeah, so?’. Beatrice is like, oh good, I get a chance to fight you and you’re super OP. Bernkastel is like, cool, I only came here to see that smug grin wiped off your face.

Beatrice says she called someone to observe the battle. Bernie calls this person ‘that child’.

A new witch is introduced. She is wearinga pink dress with a smiling pumpkin emblem on the hip, and many red ribbons. She has shoulder-length blonde hair.

And at last we meet the earlier-mentioned Lambdadelta (Λδ), who Bernkastel apparently defeated.

She looks about as old as Bernkastel, but she has a more childlike voice. They call each other children. Do witches not age from when they become witches? Could Maria end up as a witch as well?

Bernkastel says Lambdadelta is going to make Beatrice’s game a ‘preposterous farce’.

Beatrice says Lambdadelta is not neutral, but betting against Bernkastel to regain her title as strongest witch.

Bernkastel’s like, whatever, I can take you fuckers.

They all agree, however, that this game has significance beyond who wins or loses. After all, it will stave off boredom?

Bernkastel saying: “…………She doesn’t, does she? Take care of her. She might not look it, but she gets lonely.”

Bernie displays a surprising amount of respect for her opponents.

After Beato and Lambz leave to talk strategy, Bernkastel addresses the camera again.

Bernkastel says to us: “I thought I had experienced some particularly gruesome ends in my game with Lambda, ………but this time, ……it’s exceptionally horrible.”

She acknowledges how gruesome things have gotten. She says she understands wanting to ‘hug your knees and close your heart’, but this will kill our heart within a hundred years.

She says this is a comparable situation to when she 'trapped inside Lambda’s world’. She is a witch who was ‘born from’ this ‘labyrinth’. She calls herself an ‘older sister’ to us. Who is she addressing?

Anyway, she’s going to lend us her power. She says we must not submit, even though our fate is more horrible than hers.

Bernkastel to us: “I took a glimpse of the game board, and the tricks are so mean and cunning, and the scenic tricks are filthy to a degree that probably far surpasses that of Lambdadelta’s game board.”

I’m pretty sure Lambdadelta’s board is the previous When They Cry game.

Bernie says Beatrice - who she also calls ‘that child’ - does not always make the best move, which makes her a different sort of opponent to Lambdadelta, who ‘always uses an overpowering number of pieces and makes the best possible move’. Beatrice, by contrast, sometimes deliberately eases up, making it harder to work out her strategy.

This is very very abstract. I’m still not actually sure what role meta!Beatrice has in shaping the events on Rokkenjima.

She says this game was also like that, there actually were weak points. She encourages us - whoever the viewpoint is - to stand back up and fight, and that since accepting Beatrice is a victory condition, we must not accept her no matter what.

Then Lambdadelta shows up to talk to us too. She talks metaphorically about how Bernkastel beat her. She says Bernkastel always uses shitty pieces, as if she had all pawns, but…

Lambdadelta to us: “……W-well, last time, I felt just a little pity and said that she could start her pieces anywhere she wants, and then that idiot Bern totally didn’t pick up on my compassion and started with aaall of her pawns promoted on the eigth rank!!”

Reminds me of a certain pair of cherubs in a way.

But she’s pleased to see us, whoever we are, in ‘this state’ as Bernkastel’s piece.

She is not impressed that whoever’s behind the camera is still ‘hugging their knees’ just because Beatrice got ‘a little serious’. We’re so pathetic, she’ll give us a handicap.

Lambdadelta to us: “I, the great Lady Lambdadelta, the witch of Certainty and the strongest in the universe, will bring your hopeless chances of winning just a teensy bit closer to certainty. You better thank me.”

Her witchly epithet is the Witch of Certainty.

Lambdadelta claims Beatrice is ‘soft’ because she will ‘make the board’ so she can finish us off with just a few moves, but won’t do it. She will take worthless pieces, or put extra pieces in to make it more one-sided. Lambdadelta calls this ‘playing around’. She says that a lot of Beatrice’s attacks look to her like ‘total overkill’.

Lambda on Beatrice: “She sometimes mistakes the means for the end. And she has too much bad fun. As a result, she makes and even exposes her own weak points.”

This is very abstract, but OK.

Lambda asserts:

So, she says, it’s basically RPS.

She makes an extended metaphor on this, and ends up calling herself ‘super-thick’ [as in, paper that’s resistant to scissors]. Probably a deliberate writing choice there.

Lambda mentions how Beatrice is torturing ‘some piece’ called Rosa. Lambda says this isn’t a ‘nasty hobby’, just a way to kill time until the person behind the camera - who I think we can now say is Battler - comes back. She’s torturing Rosa precisely to piss us off and get us to fight her.

So we’re going to have to feed the troll.

She finishes off by doing a tsundere thing - specifically highlighted at her introduction - and being like ‘I’m not really helping you, I just want to be the one to defeat Bernkastel’ and also ‘don’t make Bernkastel cry’ so both of these two are pretty gay lol.

We get a couple of pieces of extra info. In particular, the powers of the ‘Golden Butterfly Brooch’ are spelled out:

Description of the ‘golden butterfly brooch’: In order to mediate the relationship between the opposite sex, it favorably edits all their fate numbers and mediates their relationship. Since it is nothing more than a favorable edit, large differences can be seen in its effects depending on the individual. Hence, if the witch giving this item does not measure with care whether the target she will give this item to will be able to use it effectively or not, she risks being called a liar. The activation cost is enormous, and to many human beings, it will be no more useful than a simple brooch. However, blind love pays enormous costs with ease. If there is good will from the other partner in addition, the effects will become even more dramatic. Ironically, the more dramatic the effects are, the less of a need there was for such a brooch in the first place.

This is needlessly heterosexual. I’m also not entirely sure what ‘fate numbers’ are exactly.

There’s also now a considerable amount of information on the ‘witch side’ of the characters screen. I won’t try to summarise every single thing, but I’ll try to get the key points.

Genji, Shannon (using her ‘as furniture’ name here bc context) and Kanon are described as ‘furniture’ created by Kinzo using ‘the power of demons’. Genji and Shannon’s ‘initial specs’ were flawed, but refined when Kanon was made. Kinzo gave Shannon a heart, which was unusual, and Kanon a smaller heart. Kanon has ‘flawless specs’ including the ‘rare power to fight and protect’, but ‘hasn’t yet matured very far’.

We also learn there is some kind of hierarchy of classes of mage. Shannon has a ‘mage-class’ ability but only in the realm of barriers. Maria, an inheritor of Kinzo’s ‘black blood’ who has a talent for rather than resistance to magic, is a ‘Meister-level’ creator of magic items.

Kinzo, as we know, had no talent for magic, but his ‘when insane powers of dedication and concentration were transformed into magic power, he awakened as a great mage’. Because he specialised so much in ‘summoning and barriers’, he might specifically be called a ‘summoner’.

The Seven Stakes of Purgatory are described as ‘advanced-level furniture’ created by Beatrice. Each one suffers from a Deadly Sin, of course. It is noted that each one ‘can move of her own accord, but cannot disobey her summoner’s orders’. They’re most powerful in stake form.

And Battler inherited Kinzo’s ‘massive resistance to magic’, which is still growing. The text suggests this is why Beatrice wants to destroy him.

I really ought to focus on other things for a while, but we’ll begin Episode 3 before too long. I really hope you’ve all enjoyed following along with me so far!


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