Character design screen (configurator)

Screenshot of Ship of Theseus, showing a possible permutation of transhuman doll.

Ship of Theseus by Alcopopstar. This dollmaker game invites you to choose from a list of possible parts in each slot. For this exercise, the design language of the dolls and the framing of the scene are the most important aspects.

Screenshot of Chernobyl Fairy Pool, showing a mutated  fairy with various combinations of outfit and arms.

Chernobyl Fairy Pool by Alcopostar and Alexander Ocias, with music by Sintecta. This dollmaker game emphasises atmosphere; you click to randomise the parts.

Screenshot of Warframe, showing the customisation screen for the Titania frame.

Warframe character customisation screen. The pose of the character Titania shown here is close to what I’d want to do with the dolls. Also, the layout with the character slightly off-centre and an information menu on the left.

Solar Ash, a game which uses a low-poly art style with shaders and glowing elements to give it an appealing look.

Character design inspirations

Video by amazarashi for the game NieR: Automata. Doll imagery is used to characterise the YoRHa androids, and this image is especially explicit in this video.
A character design of a girl wtih a massive spear-like weapon and mechanical arms and legs with cool shapes.

FBS 120 sl by Ted Zhang.

A cyborg girl emerging like a flower out of a clust of organic pipes and tubes.

Cover art for Guardian Legend by Naoyuki Kato.

A giant cyborg woman in white and orange colours with floating segmented arms. A smaller person in a spacesuit is tanding on her leg.

Illustration for SF Magazine by Katsuya Terada.

A page from a comic showing a girl whose arms and legs are replaced by parasitic creatures in the shapes of arms and legs.

Page from Parasitic City by Shintaro Kago.

Movement system


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