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a stranger arrives at the comic book shop. she’s actually drawn distinctly from the other female characters!

her name is Melissa and she is trying to get Justin (who is gay) to date her. eugh.

so like a few strips after the comic about how kids use ‘gay’ as a pejorative, we get an apology from some kid. it’s kind of awkward. i dunno if it would persuade anyone who doesn’t already understand that it’s shitty to use ‘gay’ as a pejorative. this is also one of the comics i visited on my 100-at-a-time scan through the comic. a lot happened in those 100 strips actually!

oh i checked the dropdown and apparently we’re out of the Sister arc and we’re into the ‘new and old friends’ arc. and starting the second-sub arc: Lady Mysterious. featuring a lady, who is mysterious. (and has green hair, but is apparently not Liz, the previous green-haired character).

green-haired character turns out to be Grace’s latest transformation. what a mysterious mystery! (presumably a disguise from her brothers).

we are informed that green hair!Grace is Asian. and that this ‘Chloe’ form is a new setting on the transformation gun that has the same effect regardless of who it’s applied to.

The word ‘transgender’ is used in the comic for the first time, in the context of a Smash parody. there is some awkward commentary that uses phrases like ‘anatomically’ male or female. it’s… ok well it’s obvious that 2014!Dan Shive is barely less clueless than 2003!Dan Shive.

which makes me wonder how I picked up the Discourse so quickly when i came out? like i guess it’s a case of being hyper-obsessed with being ‘correct’ and spending a lot of time online anyway and therefore wanting to learn the ‘right’ way to be trans, the ‘most correct’ discourse and terminology or whatever.


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