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we learn that tedd uses the gun often, and tedd’s dad knows and considers it ‘disturbing’. you transmisogynist pile of shit.

so anyway yeah now that all the business with elliot’s transformation has been ironed out, tedd gets zapped with the gender ray.

anyway there’s a joke that leads to three of the characters spelling out their arcs:

we get further reasons why this entire plot was totally avoidable, for some reason

ok so ellen’s going to a different school to elliot

elliot’s parents aren’t awful. that sure is nice.

we get some time with justin. actually wait a minute i think we did meet him earlier? he’s gay and another martial arts student iirc.

so yeah like, geek card games and casual pejorative use of ‘gay’. definitely both things that deserve criticism.

we get jokes about how rare women are in ‘geek’ spaces and men aggressively hit on us when we do show up. i guess like. that is definitely true in many ‘geek’ spaces (not so much the hitting-on if you’re non-passing trans, but definitely being made unwelcome). but it also kind of depends on which ‘geek’ space you’re in. your average comic book shop though? yeah eesh fuck. that said i feel like these kinds of jokes… when they’re aimed at the ingroup gamer crowd, they don’t really do much to challenge the general misogyny and entitlement? like it’s too kind to the men, almost. though hopefully by having nanase as a viewpoint character the comic is at least doing something to show how fucking creepy geek misogyny is on the receiving end. idk.

i don’t have a clear sense of who the audience to EGS is, or how it may have evolved over time. i have a vague recollection of the ‘gender change’ stuff meaning it was kind of held at arms length in webcomics communities on like, giantitp and stuff (my main experience of ‘mainstream’ gaming communities). i guess it probably had overlap with like, the audience of khaos komix?


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