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ok so like this is the page that is supposed to explain the magic shit - transformations and so on - that’s happening so far. but between the edgy red on black and the tiny font just looking it gives me a headache.

here’s the teal deer:

this is… not great? i should give it more of a chance but i’m kind of losing my will to continue here.

i wonder what happens if i skip forward 100 strips.

skipping forward 100 strips took me from a martial arts match to… a different martial arts match. no noticeable improvement in art.

hmm. maybe 200.

ok so. art has not improved within 400 strips, but within 500 the author has apparently learned to use line weights a bit better.

from the brief snatches of story, it looks like there’s some kind of showdown brewing against this damien guy. and some more character drama.

nanase seems to stop being a walking shonen anime within 200 strips. at the same time, some character apologises for using ‘gay’ as an insult.

aaand. skip forward another 100 - so to strip 691 - and we’re talking about the intricacies of a “sex-changing” gun. ok. this seems more interesting in a sort of ‘this is the kind of thing trans women read before there were actual comics about trans women’ way.

the question is whether i lose the will to continue before i get that far…

At this point drcable commented:

Gah. Sorry, should have warned you _quite_ how bad it was. Um, try and get through the sister arc but then you can skip to before the party ? 

In the end, I did not make that skip.


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