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i’ve reached the thing this comic is best known for: transformations. tedd abruptly introduces a ‘transforming gun’, otherwise only vaguely alluded to.

like tbh given tedd’s edginess over being called a girl, performative masculinity, and (apparently) interest in science transformations - i can already see the author is probably having some gender feels here.

we have the introduction of ‘male and female forms’ on the transformation gun, with Tedd unconvincingly denying any sort of transness that might be implied by making such a thing.

i kind of hated Tedd earlier on but now I’m feeling really sorry. like. this didn’t exactly come out of nowhere.

Tedd talks about having frequently been read as female when younger (I guess because of plausible transness I’m not using any pronouns for Tedd here, but also, at this point in the comic, I guess Tedd would probably find that insulting). For all the creepy comments, Tedd is at least physically respectful of boundaries, and not like, an outright rapist, which is something, I guess.

I’m not 100% sure, but I think this is yet another example of me basically saying “not that that sort of thing interests me and has been on my mind for nearly literally as long as I can remember”

- the author, commentary to this strip

this comic has very quickly gone from “boring anime” to “sad trans feels”. amazingly quickly, in fact. i guess it must have seemed slower at the time.

it does make it a lot more… interesting seems the wrong word. but compelling? like the stuff in the comic actually matters now? i’m no longer finding it so frustrating to read.


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