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So, moving on past page 430.

Tedd’s dad receives a coded message: “the devil has seized the acorn”. He rushes out to deal with it, warning Grace to stay away from the windows. So we’re probably in for a plot about the Furry Gang.

In the basement, Tedd gives William and Gillian human forms. Tedd gives them bodies that adhere to beauty standards: William is muscled, and Gillian is skinny.

Uryuoms practice complete self-determination of gender. 2015!Dan Shive comments that 2003!Dan Shive didn’t recognise what a strong political statement he was making, but that he does not regret it. :’)

Uryuoms, for whom transformation is at-will, can detect when someone is transformed. According to the taxonomy given by 2015!Dan Shive, there are three levels: 1st level is untransformed, 2nd level is an externally imposed transformation such as the gun, and 3rd level is an organism that is able to transform on its own. The Uryuoms say Grace must be a “seyunolu” because she is in a 3rd level form, and assume Tedd is aware of this. Per this translator, “seyunolu” is the ciphertext for “chimera”.

Elliot is going on a walk-in-the-park date with Sarah. Tedd genders this unnecessarily. We see Sarah has made a disovery in her research into obituaries around the time Grace was born: 18-year-old Grace Sciuridae, killed in a driving accident. This Grace Sciuridae looks a lot like Grace, but lacks Grace’s antenna-hair-locks.

We get a title card for a new story arc: “Painted Black”. So I’ll start blogging about that in the next post.


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