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there’s a helpful recap-comic, covering Grace’s origins and the Lycanthrope Project diaspora, aka the Furry Crew.

We get a flashback to four and a half years ago, presumably when Damien killed the scientists and took command of the Furry Crew. Grace is remembering this. She hugs Tedd, afraid of what Damien would do if he finds the protags.

Cutting back to the present, Elliot and Sarah are walking in the park when they run into Hedge (the hedgehog furry), who’s carrying a big chain.

Hedge considers Elliot to be ‘cat’, since last time Hedge saw Elliot, Elliot had been transformed into a cat by Tedd’s belt. He tries to yell dramatically but an owl ruins the moment (okay…). He considers Elliot a ‘cousin’ due to his transformation power, assuming Elliot is also a Lycanthrope creation.

Sarah tries to fib to explain Elliot’s cat-powers, implicitly blaming it on Nanase, but Hedge doesn’t buy it. So Sarah straight-up kicks him in the balls and legs it with Elliot. Go Sarah. (2015!Dan Shive says some people looked down on Sarah for doing this, which is astonishing.) But Hedge quickly catches up and attacks with his chain, hurting Elliot.

I guess he’s an attack of opportunity build.

So Elliot spontaneously turns into a cat dude. OK, 2015!Dan Shive is right: I didn’t see that coming.

Unfortunately the transformation sequence does not result in the desired power-up. After transforming, Elliot faints. Hedge expresses surprise that he’s a ‘rookie’ at his age.

Despite having no combat skills, Sarah tries to defend Elliot. Hedge asks her how long she’s known Elliot, and she says all her life. Hedge threatens her and tells her to let it be, but also says he only wanted to capture ‘family’. He subdues Sarah and leaves with Elliot. Uh-oh!

the next part begins with Lord Tedd in his alternate universe. Unlike Lord Tedd’s previous appearance, here Lord Tedd does not have messed up eyes. He’s looking for someone called Nioi. He runs into this universe’s General Shade Tail, who’s a huge buff guy who’s punching a punching bag.

The next comic introduces Nioi herself, who’s just teleported into the main universe. She says some cryptic things: that whoever her ‘master’ is, ‘he’ is corrupting her (is her master Lord Tedd, and ‘he’ General Shade Tail?). She’s looking for a Dr. Sciuridae if they are alive in this universe, which is the surname of the dead girl discovered by Sarah. (Sciuridae is the family of squirrels in taxonomy, giving another connection to Grace the squirrel girl). Whoever Dr. Sciruridae is, they may know how to defeat ‘him’.

Cut to Ellen, practicing Anime-Style Martial Arts. Sarah calls her, asking for a lift. Ellen hurries over to Elliot’s car (I recall the car keys were duplicated when Ellen was created). Susan also shows up, along with Nanase and Justin in a car. All three were apparently at the card game store.

So the entire gang (minus Elliot, of course) gathers at Tedd’s house. Meanwhile Nioi is observing Tedd through a crystal ball. She says Tedd looks young.

At Tedd’s house, Sarah rushes upstairs and yells Grace’s name at her. Grace is naked, but Sarah is only momentarily taken aback. She yells at Grace for putting her friends at risk, only to realise Grace is in the middle of writing a goodbye note to Tedd for that exact reason. Ouch.

Grace calms down.

Over at the Furry Gang base, we see Guineas for the first time. He looks pretty bored. Damien is an abusive jerk to Hedge, shockingly enough. He wanted Hedge to bring ‘a female’. Creepy.

Seems like the Furry Gang, or at least Hedge, aren’t necessarily on the best terms with their boss Damien. Vlad is more loyal. Guineas so far has said nothing, and is looked down on by Vlad. I smell a redemption arc, for Hedge and Guineas at least.

The Protags plan to go to the ‘Nest’ and rescue Elliot. Ellen suggests Elliot’s ability to transform on his own is a result of exposure to the crystal, similar to their own power to shoot a Female Form 5 transformation ray.

Grace figures that the Nest is where they were created, but isn’t sure how to find it. Ellen suspiciously uses the name of the dead girl Grace Sciuridae, confusing Grace (what a coincidence that a girl whose surname is the family of squirrels would become a squirrel girl…). Nioi takes notice.

Grace interrupts their plans to storm the Nest in order to announce her intention to go and exchange herself for Elliot. She says any other option would result in death, because Damien is ‘too strong’.

That brings us to the end of Part 2.


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