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Moping Squirrel

we are on page 601 out of about 2000. (on page 601 of Homestuck, and Dave is messing about with his captchalogue in his bro’s kitchen.)

Grace is angsting about whether she ‘deserves’ the power she has. Ellen comes in and offers to talk but she says no.

Over the last little while, the linework in the comic has grown increasingly detailed, and the characters’ poses more natural and 3D. It’s nice to see this steady improvement.

Anyway Grace’s birthday is on Saturday. No doubt it will result in multifarious shenanigans.

Tedd’s dad makes charts about the ‘impulsiveness’ of Tedd’s friends. This is… very creepy.

Grace is still feeling down, but Ellen encourages her, and she comes up with a plan to make the party great - with a conspicuously lampshaded cutaway panel to hide it.

OK, here’s a guess that will probably be wrong: everyone is going to go transformed into someone else. That’s on record.

ok but now there is a reference to events in EGS:NP, the side story comic adjacent to the main plot…

so I guess I should have been reading that all this time? awkward. it seems to have started at some point in 2004, just about in the same year as the current point in the comic (published Dec 2004). so we’ll go back over EGS:NP next, which may flesh out the characters a bit more.


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