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we open with a series of dream sequences.

Sarah dreams about recuing her ordinary cat (whose name I can’t remember) from Jeremies. (Jeremy is Tedd’s hedgehog cat.)

Nanase dreams about drowning but being rescued by mermaid!Ellen, who helps her turn into a gay mermaid and swim happily off into the sea.

Elliot dreams about Ellen dating the casually misogynist Ticket Collector and calling him dad and implying Tedd is her mother. He realises he’s dreaming, causing a lucid dream where he matchmakes all his friends and becomes a superhero.

Susan has a flashback dream in which she is a small girl called Tiffany who sees her dad making out with another woman. He tells her to keep it a secret, but, crying, she informs her mother of what she saw.

Justin dreams about a Lord of the Rings parody in which his friends are the fellowship and he aspires to be like Sam. Possibly because I’ve been awake far too long, I didn’t really understand the punchline.

Tedd dreams about being Lord Tedd and striking some kind of deal with a cosmic horror, resulting in Lord Tedd’s metal gauntlet forming.

Grace dreams about reconciling with the scary skull inside her, and the big angry rockape behind it. She hugs the rockape, which calms and smooths down and ultimately disappears.

Now ‘Second Life’.

Ellen dreams a longer dream, in which she is a child attending her first day at school. (I’m hesitantly using ‘she’ pronouns for this dream sequence.)

One of her classmates is the spitting image of Nioi, but introduces herself as Kaoli.

At school, Ellen notices another child sitting alone. We recognise this child as Tedd. She introduces herself. Tedd insists they’re ‘no good’. Ellen interprets this to be about the game of football a football-baseball hybrid called ‘kickball’, and Ellen drags them onto the pitch anyway. They kick the ball a ridiculous distance and run a home run.

This young Tedd says they never said they weren’t good at Kickball - just that they’re was ‘no good’ in themselves.

Ellen wakes up and tells Elliot that she feels like she experienced a full six years of childhood life in her dreams in which Elliot was not there, and it feels more real to her than Elliot’s own childhood. She recognises this has something to do with Nioi’s nose beep.

She hugs the Tedd of the main comic universe and tells them they are plenty good.

Next, ‘The Child Left Behind’.

A mysterious cloaked figure goes to a cemetary at night, with an owl there. The figure announces to a grave that Damien is dead, and says that they regret that they could not be the one to kill Damien and avenge whoever’s in the grave. They say they’ll make up for this by paying ‘proper tribute’ to Damien’s actual killer, and seem to know some details about Grace, including that she is a chimera.

Finally, ‘Red Alert’.

Tedd talks about the odd behaviour of their friends. They seem to be unaware that Nanase has figured out she’s gay.

Susan has re-dyed her hair. She bumps into Sarah, who comments on her Star Trek t-shirt, then runs off. Susan looks unimpressed, as ever.

Apparently Susan only likes to wear geeky t-shirts when she’s upset about something. Sarah says it is a bad day to mess with her and they worry Tedd will put their foot in their mouth.

Naturally, cut to Tedd talking to Susan. So far, nothing too bad…

In the next strip, Tedd runs their mouth dissing Star Trek. Susan is furious and the two have a slap fight. (The word ‘transgender’ is used again, by the Principal, who is lamenting the recent chaos.)

Somehow Susan’s Star Trek shirt inspires the Principal to have a new idea to get the school back in order.

Susan challenges Tedd on making fun of her. Tedd says they thought that was just what friends do (idk if i’m a person who can have autistic headcanons but i bet you could make a case). Susan tells them that this isn’t really the time for that, and they promise to be supportive, instead.

The next arc is called ‘Before The Party’, and I will blog about it tomorrow, probably.


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