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so this panel features a massive block of text. for some reason there is a faint outline of someone with their head tilted back and tears in their eyes behind it.

A cropped panel from the linked El Goonish Shive comic, with the contrast adjusted so as to reveal the crying person behind the text more clearly.

because all the characters basically look the same i can’t really tell who it is beyond ‘long hair’.

the tl;dr for the text: there is a magic diamond that might be able to remove the transformation. it’s in a ‘low-priority’ government facility with one elderly guard. tedd has clearance and may be able to get elliot in to touch the diamond.

originally posted at https://comicalmomentum.tumblr.com/po...

Dan Shive switches to using mixed-case text here. Unfortunately, they don’t increase the font size to compensate.

I suppose in our days of high-DPI high-resolution screens, these images are smaller than they would have looked back in the old days. maybe i should zoom in with my browser to compensate.

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At this point, I received a message about the correct pronouns to use for Dan Shive...

Latest update covers the pronoun question

Good to know, thanks!

Since that seems to be his strongest preference, I will use ‘he’ pronouns from now, but I won’t go back and edit my posts since he is also cool with ‘they’.

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the author is not a cis man but this comic makes me think of how cis men (as this character was assumed to be at this point) seem to act like PMS is the most terrifying thing even though like almost all cis women just have to take it in stride, and trans women tend to have mixed feelings about it, but most of us hate it when cis women are like “i am envious of you not having it” because like, it’s one more reminder of how we are not a “real” woman and it just seems like forced self-back-patting ‘allyship’ with no actual concern for the feelings of trans women.

i guess i would much rather have PMS than all the horror and stigma attached to being a trans woman lol


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