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At this point I took a brief hiatus, and resumed when overwhelmed by events in the news.

we’re picking up with… ok, so, to remind myself of everyone’s names, Elliot and Tedd are going to break into a government building to steal a thing that will cure Elliott’s acute case of girl. Grace is at home, and Greg the martial arts instructor is on guard (in case Grace’s fellow furries show up I guess).

We learn that Greg can detect a change in ‘power level’ when Grace changes forms, and Greg explains the nudity taboo to her, which is as bad as it sounds.

Commenting on Greg, who wishes he was more of a shallow cliché, Dan Shive talks about the anime trope of old martial arts instructors having no sense of boundaries and sexually harassing younger female characters (except he phrases it as a ‘dirty mind’).

Grace gets a call from Tedd from ‘another dimension’. I guess they’re going to scratch their session later.

In the AU, Elliott has a counterpart who’s a girl (presumably cis) named Ellen, who’s in a relationship with Tedd. Grace informs ‘Beta Tedd’ that Ellen is Elliot’s counterpart, which he considers a ‘mood killer’, because he’s a transmisogynist homophobic piece of shit I guess. :)

Apparently there’s a naming theme for the chapters in the Sister arc, recounting a board game that goes to shit and ends in a fist fight.

In the government facility, Tedd and Elliot find the Dewitchery Diamond without complications, and Elliott touches it. There’s a cliffhanger where he appears to split in two: a version with a normative male body, and a version with a normative female body.

F!Elliot (who the commentary calls Ellen, but I’m going to wait until the character asserts a gender and name) is afraid that death may come with the end of the curse, in less than a month.

Ellen adopts a name in the next strip, calling herself the ‘evil twin’ of Elliot. Do these kids have nothing but bad TV in their lives or what.

Awkward euphemisms for boobs ahoy.

Dan Shive talks about upper body strength in an awkward way. For the record:

anyway Ellen has decided to fuck everything up for Elliot for some reason, but Elliot stops her from escaping. eh.


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