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I don’t think I got down the tower the ‘proper’ way. I jumped off edges, and respawned each time on a lower level of the tower. Somehow it more or less worked.

Inevitably, Donald Duck decided to kill me.

Donald, Goofy and Kairi face the camera. Donald is saying 'I'll take care of him!'

Fortunately Kairi can discern that I’m the Heartless, so my party doesn’t murder me. Phew.

Sora, back in human form, holding Kairi in his arms.

Somehow the awe-inspiring power of heterosexuality makes me human again. Like, I think the idea is that I emptied out my heart, but now Kairi gave me some heart back.

Anyway the Beast covers our escape. Next time we see him he’ll probably be corrupted or something. And this game is evidently longer than I assumed!

We cut to the party reporting to Squall. Presumably along the lines of “So then we beat all the villains in a series of epic boss fights. Then we decided to complete his plan anyway, Sora stabbed himself, and turned into a Heartless, the doorway is open, Ansem still controls the place, and we legged it.”

Squall drops some exposition on how keyblades are made:

A shot of Sora and Squall's legs. Squall is saying 'Riku's Keyblade must have been born of the captive princesses' hearts--'

Apparently, though the Princesses have been ‘freed’, they’re not coming back to their homeworlds (or at least, Jasmine isn’t). The obvious conclusion is that Ansem murdered them the way he was going to murder Kairi, but… probably not, given genre etc.

The good news is that now the shops all stock endgame loot. The bad news is that endgame Heartless are spawning everywhere. The good news is that endgame heartless drop loads of money.

The best news is that I now have greater control over the colours of my spaceship.

My new spaceship, an asymmetric design with a large wing curving backwards on one side.

I made an asymmetrical Star Wars-ish ship that I’m not entirely sure about which I called the Sevastopol to continue the theme of ‘Russian warships which carried out historically significant rebellions’, and upgraded the Potemkin a bit (pictures tomorrow). I also figured out the use of the Transform Gummi: you can make your ships transform into one of your other ships. So that’s cool.

(quick history lesson: the mutiny of the crew of the Potemkin in 1905 was an important event in the leadup to the Russian Revolution and later used as part of Bolshevik propaganda, most famously in the 1925 Soviet silent film Battleship Potemkin. The sailors of the Potemkin eventually surrendered to Romania; two other ships involved in the revolt remained in Imperial Russian hands.

The Sevastopol was one of two ships involved in the Kronstadt Rebellion against the Bolsheviks (by sailors, soldiers, and citizens of Kronstadt) in 1921, shortly after the Russian Civil War, and although the Bolsheviks rejected their demands and attacked and crushed the rebellion, it was influential on Lenin’s adoption of the New Economic Policy. Whether the Bolsheviks were justified in crushing the rebellion is one of the many historical divisions between Leninists/Trotskyists and anarchists.)


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