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So the next thing I did was go round and collect all the white Trinities to get some sweet endgame gear. (A trinity is a spot where your party can do an action from the canonical list of possible deeds: Jumping, Headbutting, Standing on Each Others’ Heads, Shoving, and Striking a Cool Pose. Usually this gets you an item, sometimes it’s necessary to progress the plot.)

Goofy, Sora and Donald in a circle holding up their weapons towards the centre, above a white mark on the ground.

So my search (after a scouring of Monstro’s fucked up anatomy) takes me to Agrabah, where the magic carpet wants to take me somewhere. ‘Cool!’ I think, and hop on. It turns out the carpet is taking me to…

A desert area surrounded by pillars with an enormous white and gold Heartless robot holding gigantic curved swords in two of its six arms.

…a really huge boss! Fun.

In the first phase, it does something particularly obnoxious, and blocks me from using magic! I have to use potions for the first time in a while, because it hits like a freight train. It has a temporary health bar on each arm you need to break.

The second phase it sits on the floor and we see that the actual boss has about six layers of health bar. Far more than even Dragon!Malifecent.

Third phase is Zenyatta’s ult:

The boss hovering in the air, surrounded by a pink bubble. Its health bar is barely dented.

In this phase it can only be damaged by magic. When you beat that phase it goes back to phase 2, and you can chip away at the main health bar some more. I got through about two health bars.

This boss means business.

So, after I died, I equipped a lot of high-level healing items, and went in for another go! and another! and another! the good old Dark Souls tactic of throwing bodies at it until you get the hang of its moves.

But first I thought I’d finish getting the Trinities. I suspect there are a few of these super-bosses - they may even be what I need to advance the plot.

I go to Halloween Town and grab the white trinity. I’ve accidentally spoiled myself that there’s a very powerful Heartless that spawns in the Manor Ruins, probably another boss like that one, and that there’s a Trinity there I may/may not have forgotten. Let’s see what I find… OK, just a bunch of ordinary Heartless. Maybe that’s only in the 1.5 edition for PS3?

Back to the Hard Boss then!

I took Aladdin along instead of Donald for more melee DPS. This helped, and I quite far… until halfway through its third last healthbar, a new attack was introduced, where it spins like a helicopter and zooms around the arena during the no-magic phase. Every time I got to that point I died.

I made a save state right before it starts doing the spin attack in order to practice, and then died to it like ten times without feeling like I’d learned much about how to beat it. I checked the wiki, and learned this boss is called Kurt Zisa. The hints aren’t much help, but I guess I can try jumping over the horizontal spins. …nope. But I am starting to get the timing down on dodging forwards/to the side.

A screnshot of the PCSX2 emulator console, showing a savestate being reloaded repeatedly.

This is involving a lot of death.

At this point, I have spent all afternoon and still not gotten through this phase. I’m going to have to do it several times more to beat this boss.

It may not have as many attacks, but I feel like this rivals Nameless King for difficulty. Seriously.


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