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At this point my frustration over Kurt Zisa is ruining my enjoyment of the game and making me swear at my computer, which isn’t a good look. I’m going to go back to the rest of the game, since as I understand it, Kurt Zisa is an optional boss. Maybe it’ll be easier with a few more levels under my belt.

The asymmetric spaceship bulked out, with even more engines and a heavier body and an even larger array of weapons. It is now covered in a more precise gradient from purple to pink. The corners are rounded off.

I spend a while crafting, grinding, and making the Sevastopol look much better. Then, I accidentally glimpsed on the wiki that there’s a special Hearltess in Neverland, so I’m going there next.

Tinkerbell tells us to go to Big Ben. We do and…

An empty black robe flying between Sora and the moon.

oh look, a sky friend!

Which means… aerial boss fight!

This boss has a weird mechanic involving the clock face. Every so often, numbers count down from 12 above your head. When this happens, I think you’re supposed to hit the clock face? Not sure. When the number hits zero, that character dies, and unlike when they go to 0HP, can’t rejoin the fight. They’re no longer in your party.

…ah, you can cast the Stop spell on the clock to temporarily postpone that! OK. This is going to be fiddly.

The other problem is… the boss seems to have a special damage mechanic where it can only be hit by particular spells, at which point you deal a tiny sliver of damage and its vulnerable part disappears for a while. I can barely do any damage to it.

I don’t understand this boss at all!

Checking the wiki… I have the mechanics right. This boss is just hard. Damn.

Too hard for me right now I think. I’d have better luck with the other really hard boss. What’s with these bosses?

I’m not even sure what I’m supposed to do right now. I guess I’ll go talk to Cid, Squall etc. and see if they have any pointers.

OK, so turns out I missed something in the secret cave under Merlin’s house. If you walk to the mural at the end of the tunnel (which I should have noticed had gone from moon to sun) you get a gummi!

Sora receiving an item, Navi-Gummi.

This triggers some heterosexuality.

Sora and Kairi face to face in a cave. Sora saying 'I looked everywhere for you, but you were with me all along.'

Sora talks about being a Heartless. Kairi wants to join the party, but Sora’s gotta masculinely do this manly task by his male self!

Anyway I get a new keyblade chain based on Kairi’s lucky charm (looking at it, isn’t that the Gay Fruit?). The shape and stats of the keyblade is determined by which chain you hang on it. It’s a way to let you upgrade the Keyblade without breaking lore that it’s the same keyblade I guess. This one is slightly better than my current one, so, nice :)

Sora petting Bambi the deer in a misty area.

I summon Bambi to help me grind items to make the best keyblade. He’s not very useful.

So I decide to press on with the plot. A mysterious wormhole has opened with the new nav gummi. I wonder where it leads.

Shock, it’s Hollow Bastion! Who saw that coming?


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