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Last time, Kanon is unable to let go of the narrative that’s been abused into him by Kinzo’s school. And now Beatrice is here, no doubt to be extra cruel.

She’s been enjoying the ‘show’ of ‘interactions between men and women’. Beatrice are you honestly saying you’ve never met a single gay person in 1000 years?

Kanon responds by stomping on Beatrice’s magic brooch. I really adore Kanon’s determined displays of ‘fuck you’ every time Beatrice shows up.

Beatrice with a mean smirk, and Kanon maintaining a studiously neutral expression. Kanon says “Just now, I figured it out. ……What you are doing isn’t as tasteful as being a cupid of love. You are just a demon who enjoys showing love to those who can never be joined, and deceiving them.”

Kanon has a proper go at Beatrice for exploiting and toying with Shannon. Beatrice just laughs, and declares (with an arboreal metaphor) that Kanon has just made Jessica more into him.

She also says Shannon and George will eventually reach a ‘stalemate’ with their ‘unfulfillable love’ which will bear a ‘large fruit’ for her. Exactly what she gains from this is unclear, but presumably it will help recharge her magic batteries. But she’s bored because they’ve been getting on too well. So she’s more interested in Jessica/Kanon.

I find it interesting that Beatrice’s priorities (max relationship drama) aren’t all that different from media fans. Except, of course, within the fiction, she’s toying with people not fictional characters.

Beatrice in centre screen. Narration: ‘Even if they were joined, the relationships of Shannon and George, Kanon and Jessica would fail for certain, and as they wandered through the eternal desert in the hell of love, they would be tormented by eternal thirst…!’

The narrator gets some purple prose on.

Beatrice confirms that she’s basically there to put people in relationships that fall apart and watch the fireworks, this being the ‘payment’ for the magic she used to put them together.

Beatrice grinning cruelly and saying “Just look at Kinzo. See how he ended up, an old, pitful man who knew the taste of love and was thrown out of Paradise! Look at how he lives, like a dead man who can't fully die. *cackle*cackle*!!”

Now, is this Beatrice’s real motive? It seems plausible enough, but so far just about every appearance of Beatrice has involved her lying and manipulating people, and maybe she’s just telling Kanon what he already believes, for some purpose. I’m not sure why she’d want Kanon to be extra pissed off with her, but it’s obvious that’s what effect her words will have. Perhaps she wants Kanon to disrupt Shannon/George somehow.

Beatrice says she ‘overdid it’ using her power to push Shannon/George and Kanon/Jessica together, and without the brooch as a ‘catalyst’ it will be hard to maintain. That could be true, or it could be an excuse.

Beatrice declares she will disappear for a time, but her resurrection is inevitable.

Beatrice giving an evil speech. “However, I will definitely be revived. Make sure that you won’t regret that day’s coming at any time. I will surely have my second coming and control everything as this island’s true master. …And at that time, the door to the Golden Land will be opened again. …The covetous and the greedy shall call me forth without fail…!”

This would be an excellent time to get a job not on Rokkenjima.

Beatrice particle-effects out, but then delivers a short piece of narration about how entertaining humans have suddenly become after her absence. We get a new organ piece to go with it.

She says it is inhuman not to go ‘insane’ about love or gold. And then suggests she’s not been trying to manipulate Kanon…

Dialogue from Beatrice saying “Furniture is created to serve humans. And I toy with and tyrannize those humans to ease my thousand years of boredom. What a truly entertaining rock-paper-scissors situation, that I cannot control furniture!”

She says tonight two seeds of love have been sown, together with one already sown. Not sure if this is 1. George 2. Jessica 3. Kanon, or 1. Kinzo/Beatrice, 2. Shannon/George 3. Jessica/Kanon. Eh. In any case we cut to Kinzo.

Can you guess what Kinzo is saying?

Kinzo as usual saying “BEATRICE…”

Wow, how did you predict that? He’s busy resenting Beatrice for not noticing or returning his affections.

Kinzo shouting at Genji: “Be silent, Genji!! You do not understand, you do not understand my grief and sadness! Even though I believed that as my oldest friend, at least you would understand my pain!! Why is it so incomprehensible to you?!”

After this speech, Kinzo went to post some ‘tfw no gf’ memes on /r/incels.

Jessica’s also having a big old cry. Kumasawa is here to drop another ‘how heartrending’.

Next: more George/Shannon, in a café. Although I feel for Kanon, I do wish they’d get on with things a bit. Though it would probably pass quicker if I wasn’t trying to summarise every few lines here.

Words from the future

Indeed, it does. And this is extremely important character development for the themes of Umineko, which is about a alot more than just murder mystery stuff.


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