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the baffling government facility has no glass in the windows, but does have a barred cell in the basement. into which elliot and tedd are thrown. ok then.

elliot verbally acknowledges the likely consequences of head trauma, but we appear to be operating on a cartoon model of injuries here.

ok like this? is not how you do readability, or indeed how you do comic layouts. to spare your eyes, a tl;dr: there’s a wizard and a werewolf. wizard makes a diamond to cure werewolf. it splits werewolf into man and wolf. wolf rampages and kills man who was werewolf. oops.

so elliot and tedd contnue to be crass misogynists, and to nobody’s surprise i’m firmly on ellen’s side. the guard lets them go (what a pointless subplot) and we learn how tedd’s foreshadowed belt works, and apparently it’s a belt with ‘human’ and ‘feline’ on it.

comic sharply veers into furry lactation fetish or something

so yeah elliott turns into a cat dude and this will make him faster or some shit. Even 2014!Dan Shive can’t make sense of this.

meanwhile back home Ellen goes to school in a fancy suit. she’s crassly boundary-violating on another female student in an effort to frame Elliot, but the other girl, Liz, refuses to tell on her. yay student solidarity or something. (i was a shitty teacher’s pet in school who told the teachers about everything.)

Ellen shouts at the creepy geology teacher. well-deserved.

anyway there’s a joke about how Ellen doesn’t understand PMS yet (when one of the teachers makes her talk on a topic for two minutes as a ‘punishment’). what, do they not have sex-ed in this school? it’s not some great fucking mystery! (admittedly i would want to check on terminology before delivering a two-minute speech but like the basic concepts are pretty straightforward)

back at Tedd’s house, Grace gets a video message explaining the situation, rather too late.

in school, Ellen beats up the football player bully guy. ugh like, the flat bully character in Gunnerkrigg got character development quite fast, but this guy is still a one-note character.

the “““running joke””” of the principal looking like Hitler finally ends. thank fuck. didn’t really need to be lampshaded but w/e, at least that’s it.

Ellen runs into Sarah, and legs it. She hides in the girls’ bathroom and cries. :(

Sarah finds her. Ellen kisses Sarah, then runs away again. But then a monster shows up so she runs back and grabs Sarah and then starts running away once more.

The monster - the goo from much earlier - is apparently under command of a ‘Lord Tedd’, who has it out for our familiar ‘Weak Tedd’.

Susan at least is pretty unflappable in the face of all this anime bullshit, and turns on the fire alarm. OK.

Greg and Grace show up at the goo scene. Dan Shive has Susan - his ‘feminist’ character - call up Nanase for help but call her a slut, because that’s what feminists do.

Further explanation: apparently the familiar Tedd is not the Alpha Tedd, but Lord Tedd is. So there are three known Tedds: ‘weak’ Tedd, Lord/Alpha Tedd, and Beta Tedd.

Ellen discovers she can shoot green laser beams out of her hands. It resembles (we are told) the ray from the transformation gun.

Susan shows up with… lines that read very uncomfortably as a trans woman (’woman with a man’s mind’ in reference to Ellen).

We get a huge exposition dump. So apparently Lord Tedd wants to kill the other Tedds, and uses marble-sized evil things to this end. One of these is powering the goo.

Nanase shows up with yet another new character; this one is called Justin.

She creates a green double image to taunt the goo away from Ellen, leaving a purple version of her to talk to Ellen. When the green one is destroyed, she turns yellow and sends a blue one. Complementary colours, etc. etc.

Grace reveals a new power: she can freeze the goo’s arms in place. OK cool. Actually it’s an old power that I’ve forgotten about, just plain old telekinesis. She needs to transform into a form with more psychic power or some shit. So she reveals a genuine new power: she can combine her transformations.

We learn that Grace’s alternate universe double in the Alpha universe is a ‘General Shade Tail’. And that her anime hair is like, actual antennae.

Ellen stuns the goo with the transformation ray mid-boss-upgrade and jumps in its mouth while using her shouted-Japanese attack. This causes her to get hit by the “female form #5″ beam, which…

i can’t actually tell, and the commentary doesn’t help. makes her bigger or something? whatever it does causes the goo to explode.

a few commentaries after it was said, dan shive acknowledges the “slut” comment and implies he regrets it.

when the goo is finally defeated and squished, we catch a brief glimpse of Lord Tedd. He has a fancy tech gauntlet, long hair, and no shirt.


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