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oh i see, the transformation ray apparently made her boobs bigger and made her more attracted to everyone. but it’s reversed by repeated application. eyeroll so fucking hard. the artstyle made it very hard to tell.

so the spiky haired guy who gave elliot and tedd a lift was hedge, one of grace’s furry brothers.

elliot stands up to defend ellen and this causes susan to give up her misandristic ways or some shit excuse me i need to puke.

also there are aliens too? sure ok

so yeah um, apparently General Shade Tail is technically not Grace’s alternate or something for some reason. eh.

we also learn that Susan and Nanase met on a class trip to France, and both gained magic there.

these two author commentaries sound like me when I feel really strongly about something but… Nanase comforting Ellen as she adapts to no longer being Elliot aren’t having that effect on me. idk if that’s just my current frame of mind or what. I guess I don’t really feel like I ‘believe in’ these characters in some sense? which is a shame because like. i want to get into this. i don’t want to be sitting at the edge of the pool grumbling about every little thing.

am i really so shallow that the current limited artistic style (with no line weight) is putting me off?


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