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Elliot is not in the least bit phased by being held captive by sinister furries. He cracks LotR references at the big baddie Damien. he’s also shirtless and even 2015!Dan Shive doesn’t know why.

Damien apparently burns stuff when he touches it. He hasn’t caught on that Elliot is not a science project. He’s still referring to ‘nests’ - perhaps the scientists’ work has some wider context.

the Gang insist on going with Grace, despite Grace’s protests. We learn Damien was physically abusive to Grace.

we get the introduction of Uryuom clothing, which is to say, skin tight stretchy body suits. 2015!Dan Shive ‘explains’ it as being a form of clothing that can survive transformation but the comic is already sexualising it haha. also they get smartwatches. well, radio watches. it’s amusing that what even 2015!Dan Shive dismisses as a silly idea is now an increasingly common technology. And by amusing I mean it’s pretty silly. (…smart watch owners, I concede that they could be more useful than they sound?)

Vlad has a go at Hedge for flaunting his ‘can look like a human without dying’ privilege or something.

As you’ve probably guessed, the reason Damien wanted ‘a female’ is that he wants to breed more furries. Creepy dude. He also would apparently hunt down and murder Hedge if he came back empty-handed. Hedge evidently resents this situation.

Damien apparently wants to exterminate humanity and replace it with furries.

Before we can learn much more, Damien shows up and thwacks Hedge and sends him to watch the ‘other prisoner’.

Part 3 ends with a load of hugging as everyone gets ready for the showdown. Nioi has moved on from the top of Moperville North, presumably ready to act now that she’s identified Grace as the mysterious squirrel doctor.

Grace is visited by a dream about an evil hornéd skull. Ellen wakes her up and asks about the Furry Crew’s capabilities. We learn Grace is heat-resistant in squirrel form.

Justin and Susan appear to have grown closer. Justin is braiding Susan’s hair.

In fairy doll form, Nanase accompanies Grace into the facility. Grace transforms into one of her more powerful forms in order to open the boarded up lab. Unfortunately, Vlad is right by the entrance!

They leg it, but Vlad gives chase, and kills the fairy doll (dropping Nanase back to her body) and captures Grace. Grace asks him to put her down, and she does; she tries to scamper away but Damien has arrived, and punches her out.

So now Elliot and Grace are tied up. We learn the identity of the other prisoner: a scientist, the first to call Grace ‘Grace’, who she thinks of as a father.

Nanase and Ellen work out a way to track down the base a second time: Nanase creates a fairy doll in the base (having previousy visited it, and the location still being near Ellen), and creates a glitter trail as she returns to her body (guess the fairy doll has a homing instinct).

Apparently Grace and her brothers were created by combining DNA from multiple sources in the previously-introduced Uryuom eggs.

Some lore is dropped:

Nioi is in the ventilation system. She thinks there must be more to Shade Tail than just being a Greater Chimera.

Grace asks why she was made if the first three kids didn’t work out. Damien announces that she was created to kill him.

Apparently there’s some old prophecy about a being that will unite the chimeras. Some group decided not to wait around, but to create it themselves. Hence, Damien was made. Damien insists that he was summoned, not made.

Meanwhile, in order to escape, Elliot transforms his body into Female Variant #5 using his new at-will shapeshifting. This results in his trousers falling down.

How is this comic not a porn comic again?

He escapes and transforms back, then leaves. Guineas isn’t paying attention until the last moment.

Back in Grace’s room, more exposition is dropped. Apparently Grace’s egg involved contributions from a STRONG human, a squirrel for deniability, an Uryuom, and a newly introduced creature called a Lespuko (translation: rockape) related to the Uryuoms. This results in all of Grace’s cool powers like combining forms and transforming with such ease.

Grace’s scientist dad substituted blood from his deceased daughter - Grace Sciuridae - for the human donor. This is why General Shade Tail is not exactly Grace’s AU duplicate: in that universe, Grace Sciuridae didn’t die, and the default human donor was used as planned resulting in a big bulky dude instead of, well, Grace. This means this scientist is in fact the Dr. Sciuridae who Nioi is looking for!

The only Uryuom donor for all the eggs was the Uryuom scientist Mr. Guyur, who Grace has mentioned before. (Guyur is apparently Uryuomoco for ‘tail’.)

Damien blathers about how, as the donor, Mr. Guyur could have been useful and maybe he shouldn’t have brutally murdered him in front of Grace. Grace gets angry.

Meanwhile, Ellen and Nanase arrive to see Elliot being chased through the facility by Guineas. They go to rescue him, and Hedge shows up, shortly followed by Vlad. Time for a party!



it’s not “phased” but “fazed”

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